Speaking of Melbourne: Men’s Keirin 2012 UCI Track Worlds Apr 10, 2012

So… you think you’re fast? Start at the 4 minute mark to see Chris Hoy eat everyone alive. Damn.

  • pac3m

    he was super lucky though, New Zealand guy made a HUGE hole for him to pop out of, otherwise he’s 4th…

    • He’s an experienced, professional athlete. There’s no luck involved.

      • ZianStudios

        there’s always luck involved

        • Did he or did he not past the line in front of everyone else? ….Yes. Cos he’s got the brains, the legs and the commitment.

          • Chris

            Thor Hushovd had the brains, legs, and commitment at P-R on Sunday, but he ended up crashing out with an ill-timed bunny hop. There’s always luck involved.

          • that’s not luck, that’s someone who needs to practice their #crossiefreestyle

          • Exactly.

        • Yep, 1000’s of hours of training and it boils down to luck!

          • ZianStudios

            Never said it did

          • What I see here is Chris jockeying for position, making a hole and taking it. Nothing more. No luck. Just experience on the boards.

    • Luck has nothing to do with it. He’s an experienced athlete that knows how to race.

      • Jefferson Holstein

        even with thousands of hours of training, racing, etc, if that hole does not open up (and don’t tell me he opened up that hole, he’s not f*****g g-d) he doesn’t win…that’s luck buddy.

    • Hoy MADE a huge hole for himself. He powered in their with his big ass legs and scared the shit out of the New Zealander. Hence the Kiwi moving out of the way and leaving him the space to slide through and kick their asses. From what I can see, he seemed pretty confident that that exact chain of events was going to occur. I don’t see luck factoring in there anywhere.

  • Chris

    a really impressive display, but I agree with pac3m, definitely NOT eating everyone alive.

    • Coming in from the back, finding a hole and winning…

  • Mschweizer87

    how bout that fatty of dad hes got?

    • Jonathan McFarland

      LMFAO, I noticed that too.

  • Chris

    Don’t get me wrong, Hoy’s incredible and that was a fantastic tactical move, but Hoy’s edge over his competition doesn’t seem to be as big as it used to be. Still, he’s amazing.

  • What’s the idea behind the shoes + straps these guys wear? Pedals are still clipless?

    • Michael

      As far as I know, its kind of a failsafe. Unclipping accidentally during a race like this would destroy any chance you had at winning.

    • The straps keep them clipped in their pedals. Just a back-up in case they clip out.

    • These guys are so big that even with their pedals tightened they can pull out in rare circumstances. Seeing someone unclip in a full sprint on a track bike is not pretty…and that is why they wear the straps. Its like throwing on another condom for backup.

  • watching this on tv that night was just stupid. he is stupid. 36 years old and he just beasted the competition. i’m a proud aussie and know we have our differences with UK on the track, but this dude is just a legend.

  • Chris

    C’mon guys. I’m not doubting that he had plans of trying to make that hole. But we’ve all seen plenty of professional level Keirin finals in which someone goes for a hole they think will stay open, or attempts to make one for themselves, bikes get tangled up and the races ends up with 5 giant dudes on track bikes sliding on the boards. Hoy typically avoids this cause he is a very skilled and practiced athlete. Again, well done on Hoy’s part, yes he trains like a billion hours a week, yes he’s won a million times in the past 10 years, but there IS SOME LUCK involved in that. What if the Kiwi had elbowed back and not let him through?

  • JasperFrederiks

    lol, my capture ;-)