English Bicycles: Project Right Singlespeed Road Apr 24, 2012

As far as collaboration bikes are concerned, anything involving Geoff Mcfetridge is going to turn out stunning. This newest Beautiful Bicycle comes from English Cycles:

“Last year, Jason at Fairwheel bikes in Tucson approached me about building a frame for a customer who wanted a singlespeed road bike to have custom paint by artist Geoff McFetridge. Seemed simple enough. But then Jason had an idea about doing a single-sided frame…. Generally always being up for a design challenge, I said sure, and set about figuring out how I would do it.”

See more here and thanks for informing the world about this Tracko!

  • Johno

    That is one sexy bicycle.


  • i fear change.

  • Tommaso Gomez

    An interesting art project to hang on a wall – not a bicycle to ride on a road. It must flex like taco under pedaling loads. A traditional bicycle has two seatstays and two chainstays for a reason.

    • Rick S.

      If designed and engineered properly there really isn’t any reason this bike couldn’t be as stiff as any other bike. There have been quite a few high performance motorcycles with single side swing arms over the years.

      • Tommaso Gomez

        That’s true, but motorcycle swing arms are deliberately designed to have some lateral flex, to provide suspension when the bike leans in a curve. If you make a mono chainstay/seatstay stiff enough, it would be so much thicker and heavier than double chainstays/seatstays that the weight savings would be lost.

        • RF

          Ok, so then you have mono stays which are functionally the same as double stays (just as stiff, same weight). Why is that a problem? It may not be any better than dual stays, but it’s not any worse and looks super cool. I’d ride the hell out of it.

          • Tommaso Gomez

            It’s not an equal trade off – not even close. You’re losing vertical compliance by reinforcing the mono stays, and you still have a wheel mount that twists under load instead of just flexing up and down.

  • Romanlibbertz.com

    great colour

  • AJAustin

    usually when you post this type of stuff I pass over it but this bike is so cool on a number of levels I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed.

  • the brake cable routing is what blows me away, though I gotta think there’s a lotta’ drag with all those tight bends.  ripe for hydros.

    stellar bike

  • logan

    First thought was #WOAH

  • Dontcoast

    the headset/stem clamp being under the headtube took me a while to spot….crazy!

  • it’s hard to think about the whole bike at once, so many innovations

  • Joe64