Chari & Co: Gear PDX Rider Shorts Apr 4, 2012

It’s spring in NYC and that means you can put your favorite riding jeans away and swap out for some shorts. Chari recently collaborated with Gear PDX on a pair of rider shorts:

“The new Chari & Co. NYC x GEAR PDX joints are the perfect shorts for people on the go. They’re slim-fitting and have a ton of features that urban cyclists will find useful:

-Two front pockets
-One vertical zip-up pocket
-Reflective liners on the inner cuffs (roll ‘em up!)
-Three rear pockets, including one specifically designed to hold a u-lock

Made in beautiful Portlandia, these shorts are only available at United Arrows Beauty & Youth in Japan and Chari & Co. NYC. $110.”

I’ll swear by Outlier but it’s nice to have options and these look a lot slimmer fitting than other options.

See more at Chari! and no, the balleur-ass LOOK is not included!

  • guest

    cut your jeans into jorts and save 110 dollars.

  • NTJEvan

    Shorts are great, but what kind of frame is that?! I dont think ive ever seen one of those before.

    • LOOK

    • Jason

      Was wondering the same thing.

      Its a nos look al264 I think. I’ve gotta find me one…

      • Gerrardough

        That’s a LOOK KG253, The LOOK AL264 is made out of aluminum, like the one I have. 

        • Gerrardough

          here’s the pic.  

  • pinkpooj

     those look sick, too bad I’m poor

  • Nope, it’s a LOOK KG253, Columbus Nemo steel (Zona tubing concept, Nivachrome). I own one myself, although sadly painting and decals are not original: