Shifter Bikes: Love and Tough Love Mar 5, 2012

Dan from Shifter Bikes is the premiere wheel smith in Australia. His builds come in at the PRO level. His methods are a mix of calculated, loving care and a bit of tough love. I miss these guys already.

  • pro maneuver on the 2nd pic.

    • I had actually never seen anyone do that before.

      • Jimi996

        stress relieving the wheel – we do that especially for 48 spoke polo (and FF) wheels at Ben’s Cycle

  • Simon

    I do it after the first tightening, it puts pretty much every thing in place, and do it again when the wheel is finished just to check. But I rather push with my hands all around the rims rather then walk on it. My wheel-building-teacher weights around 110kg, the first time I saw him walk on a Vento rebuild, I thought he went crazy :)