Melbourne Bike Fest: Chasing Rainbows Design Comp Feb 16, 2012

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Like track racing? Pretty good with the Wacom tablet and have a good design eye? Love those vintage track racing posters? You could win $1,000 in the Melbourne Bike Fest Chasing Rainbows design competition.

Check out the rules below!

The Bikefest Chasing Rainbows brief asks you to design a promotional poster based around the five-colour rainbow stripe of the UCI Track Cycling World Championships and interpret it in the style of bicycle posters of a bygone era.

This is an opportunity for you to pay homage to the much loved tradition of the vintage bicycle poster and capture something of the former cycling era, whether it be a mood, style, idea or practice of the time.

The purpose of this competition is to best represent this vintage era as a promotion of the upcoming 2012 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Melbourne this April. For more information on the event, visit

The poster must, in some way, represent track cycling and rainbow colours should be used in correct order – from top to bottom, blue, red, black, yellow and green.

Almost 100 years old these design tips from art historian W.S. Rogers, published in 1914, still form the basis of modern poster design. Please reflect upon these wise words when designing your poster entry:

-A pictorial poster must contain a good idea, original or originally expressed
-The poster must be simple and broad in treatment
-It must conform to the rules of pictorial composition
-The poster must be well drawn and well produced
-It must deliver its message with no uncertain voice, and if possible, without the help of explanatory lettering, or very little
-It must be striking in colour scheme
-And finally, it must possess “carrying force”, that is the ability to compel a person to cross the street to see what it’s all about
-For a short history of the bicycle poster visit The Squeaky Wheel or the 2012 Track Worlds site.

For dates and prizes, head here!