Beautiful Bicycle: Eirlie and Her Clamont Track


Beautiful Bicycle: Eirlie and Her Clamont Track



Eirlie is what many would consider a bad-ass girl. She rides this beautiful, yet well-loved Clamont track bike on the streets, brakeless and with drops. Aside from helping promote a weekly girl’s ride called Bike Babes, she also worked on that video I posted yesterday. I met up with her randomly on the street today and snapped a few photos of her bike while she stood chatting.

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She rode London to Paris on her Clamont last year, resulting quite a few “love marks”. Did I mention she spins the fuck out of hills and can lock into skids with ease? Yeah… bad-ass. I shot some more photos of her bike, but I want to re-do them with the right lens. The 50mm wasn’t doing it justice. Until then, check out more at my Flickr.