Locked Up: Early 90’s Bianchi Pista Feb 21, 2011


Minutes before I shot photos of the Bianchi Super Pista last Friday, I had just finished documenting this early 90’s Bianchi Pista downtown. I feel like there’s been a lotta love for the mid-80’s Pistas on here, with Emily‘s, Sarah‘s and but the tubeset used in this bike places it in the early 90’s.

Check out more photos below.


The leather bar tape’s showing some age.


It appears that the bike has been autographed.


And that Flite is well used to say the least.


Columbus SBX tubing, Bianchi’s proprietary superset which was used in the early 90’s. 1994 if my research is correct.


Dura-Ace pista hubs and well broken in chain.


Overall, it’s a stellar build.


This was one of those neck-breaking moments where I hopped off my bike in a line of cars and ran over to the curb. If you’re liking this bike, head over to my Flickr for more!

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