A Girl and Her Bike: Lauren and Her Cinelli Vigorelli Feb 22, 2011


Lauren’s a sweetheart. She’s one of the girls here who’s always at every event and has a great attitude towards riding and life in general. Recently, she recovered from a nasty accident where a car hit her, totaling her bike and sending her into the hospital. But that didn’t stop her. After physical therapy, she’s back on her bike.

I took photos of Lauren and her Cinelli Vigorelli yesterday.Check them out below!


Lauren got her bike build up at Fast Folks.


She runs a Paul brake for safety.


And participates in some of the ladies-only races held here in Austin.


Lauren has spent the last few years running a non-profit and loves to be on her bike. If you see her while you’re in town for NAHBS. Say hey! Like always, I’ve got more photos on my Flickr so head over and check them out!

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