Alaska to Patagonia: Cod, Bike and All Jan 9, 2011


If you enjoy reading touring blogs, make sure you check out this blog. The title roughly translates to Cod, Bike and All and It’s about the journey of a Portuguese man as he travels from Alaska to Patagonia. He began in July 2010 and the journey was supposed to take 15 months, but he’s already in Guatemala.

Thanks for the email Nuno!!

  • Scott

    Thanks for posting that. Your site is the first bike related site I check on the daily. Followed by Defgrip, this is coming from a 20 something bmx rider.

  • hey Prolly,
    thanks for post that about this portuguese man.
    By the way, i’m nuno, not nuna.

  • Actually, he started the journey in Alaska and will – hopefully – end in Patagonia!

    Love your blog!