Stijn Cycles: Zand with 9-speed Chorus Cross Bike Dec 12, 2010


I’m totally gonna use that method to stand up my next bike! Stijn Cycles has a cross bike model called the Zand. This build uses one of the nicest retro Campy groups, the 9-speed Chorus. With all the flash of C-Record but reliability and brakes that actually, well, work! Check out more photos of this build here.

  • D Page

    9 speed. Ya gotta love that. Unscratched levers and all!
    Little known fact; Campy sells a few versions of the 10 spd grouppos NOW. Most say they’re superior for cross to the 11s, not so finicky. I have 10spd, and I won’t ‘upgrade’ ’till they go to “lucky” 13spd!