Merckx Mondays Dec 13, 2010


This week, a year ago, I posted this image of Merckx in his Faema kit reminding us to chill. I’ve been posting Merckx Mondays entries for over a year now and to be honest, It’s been hard some weeks finding content. While Merckx may be the greatest cyclist of all times, finding new and interesting subject matters can be draining! But when all else fails, there’s always eBay and the gems it presents.

Check out three killer auctions below!


This immaculate Super Record built Corsa Extra roadie is in pristine condition! For the tall lads only, it measures in at 62cm! Check out the auction here. All it needs is a roll of cellotape to get rolling.


The 7-Eleven might just be the most iconic bicycle in the Eddy Merckx stable and this 57cm square 1990 build is just what you need to round off your collection.


Last but not least is a rare diamond in the rough. This completely pantographed Super Record group is in need of a polish but once it’s cleaned up, will look stellar on a Faema or Merckx Professional. You’ve got 18 hours left in this auction!

There are always gems (Stuttgart roadie!) on eBay so if you’ve always wanted a Merckx bicycle, check often!

  • Scott902

    I understand the concept of having a reserve on an auction, but don’t have your starting price a 90 cents if your reserve is over $800. Its just frustrating to see something climb that much and still not break the reserve.

  • Rob B

    I keep an eye on eBay, and for better or worst, it has led me to spend too much on several Merckx frames. Im up to five now, i think i should stop.
    Oh well, I can think of worse ways to spend money.
    Keep it up if you can Prolly, I look forward to Merckx Mondays.