Cycle Angelo: Wilis’ Portrait Dec 22, 2010

Photo by Angelo Calilap

I think out of all the portraits Angelo has posted in the recent weeks, this one’s the best. Good depth of field, great lighting and for once, Wilis doesn’t look scared of the camera! Nicely done fellas.

  • wilis

    John, anyone would be scared if the man behind the camera was you. :)
    Angelo did a great job, my film will be developed soon. I’ll post his soon!

  • Tim

    What kind of front wheel is he riding? Looks nuts, in a good way.

  • I’ve come to find that most photographers I’ve shot are super natural in front of the camera. Wilis is a great example!

  • ^ gipiemme road wheel- same triple wall extrusion as the shamal (made by gipiemme) but with some odd cutaway thing. nice look.