Adam22 and His Volume Fixed Dec 10, 2010


Oh God. Cats everywhere are dying as Adam 22 embarks on his newest passion: fixed gears. Put some pedals on that thing and ride it. But dude, a brake? Pussy!

Via Volume

  • tim

    I’m gonna assume that brake comment was a joke and not take you seriously.

  • OF COURSE the brake comment was a joke! I’m totally fine with brakes.

  • aj austin

    never saw that coming… ah well, bikes are bikes.

  • jack jones

    nah bikes are not just bikes. hes a poser, get lost.

  • wilis

    The bike looks nice too :)

  • allender

    sweet pedals

  • RJCrouch

    @Jack Jones

    Explain how bikes are not just bikes? Maybe he wanted something he could get around on a little easier than his bmx

  • i love volume frames
    it’s for trick but when use for ride
    still can have big fun ride

  • sizza


  • Geep

    i just find it Hilarius that with as much shit as he has talked about fixed gears and now hes riding one.

  • daniel

    glad to see another person exploring new bikes.

  • for some reason im lolling super hard at pretty much everyones comments. people always have crazy assumptions about things/people that know nothing about haha. #666 #lol

  • Vas

    for the amount of shit he talked about every fixed gear fag rider being a fag, he just became a fixed gear fag himself.

  • He’s not so much ragging on fixed gears themselves as he’s making fun of fixed freestyle. Coming from a BMX background, I can see where his hate for FGFS comes from. Bmx is just so much more fun and doesn’t base itself around how the bike inhibits your riding.

    And when he makes fun of fixie fags, it’s aimed at those Brooklyn/Williamsburg type of fixie kids.
    (also might have something to do with his close ties and support for volume…)

  • Adam’s always been pretty friendly to me. He’s only talking shit on fixed freestyle for the traffic spike!

  • dopie

    its a joke you effin fixie f. a. g. s.

  • Billy Shears


  • There’s no such thing as bad publicity. I have no problem with this. ANYne with ANY sort of presence (virtual or otherwise) on ANY bike is a good thing. As has been mentioned, Mr. TCU’s beef has always been with herky-jerky awkward versions of things that BMX riders have had dialed for decades.

  • Danny

    I like turtles

  • xvvd s

    that was just an extra bike they had in the warehouse. he only took the pic for the lolz and so he could get a free bmx frame….