Wilis Johnson: Krista of Snap Delivery Nov 22, 2010

Photo by Wilis Johnson

Wilis as been going around the neighborhood photographing various cyclists, most of which deliver food for Snap Delivery. This photo of Krista is awesome. One of my favorites. Check the rest out here!

  • Angst

    Beating a dead horse with this portraits for people and their bicycles shit. Fucking unoriginal bullshit.

  • matchee

    just because it’s been done before a million times doesn’t mean this shit isn’t interesting/ fun to look at anymore.

    this hardass internet mothafucka acts like he wouldn’t be stoked to see his own portrait/ bike on the internet…

  • Jake Ricker

    I dig the shot!
    Sounds like someone is jealous they don’t get rad photos taken of them.
    Keep trying brah!
    Maybe someday…

  • wilis

    I’m taking photos of my friends for fun. Fuck you Angst.

  • Rui

    Why so anger? Nicely framed pic of a very cute girl on her bike, yes unoriginal but who cares. Its not like this guy is going for a pulitzer in photojournalism forchissake.

  • krillz

    What yall didnt know is that Krista built alot of the GRIME frames over at SQUAREBUILT. She rocks!

  • skamp

    can she build me one….I’ll cover her shifts for christmas