Wilis Johnson and His Affinity Kissena Nov 28, 2010


Another set of photos that I was really pleased with from my 35mm EOS-3 roll were these two photos of Wilis on his new Affinity Kissena. Shooting portraits is difficult. While they come across as somewhat cheesy at times, the little nuances are what make them so special. I think out of all the photos I’ve taken of Wilis on his bike, he looks most comfortable sitting on it.

Check out another photo below. I really love this camera and film combination.


Part of the trade-off for shooting film is losing a few photos to focus issues. While my drive-side photo didn’t come out, I really like the shot of the rear. Solid build man.

  • james

    prolly you need to make a book of all these photos. Your eye has improved so much!

  • Nicholas

    ^ +1 I’d buy it.

  • stamati

    Keep ’em coming!

  • will

    as far as bike portraits go, these are a lot more interesting than the standard “rider standing behind bike, drive side only”

  • will

    definitely would buy a book of prolly bike shots

  • chuck

    you shooting bw or just getting it processed that way?

    btw, you mentioned getting film processed around the corner, i know your in my hood, what’s the cross of the place?

    bbtw, saw your khs at affinity the other day, nice.

  • Shooting with black and white film. I get it processed at Enla Photo. Manhattan between Cayler and Meserole…

  • Roy Jovero

    Great shots. Love the grain in the pics. I need to look for a 35mm Nikon now so I don’t have to reinvest in lenses…

  • nice frame!