Tokyo Fixed Gear: Eley Kishimoto X Death Spray Custom Supercorsa Nov 16, 2010


Max from Tokyo Fixed Gear just sent me this teaser photo of a recent collaboration with fashion designer Eley Kishimoto and Death Spray Custom. That is one ill Supercorsa. I can’t wait to see more!

Edit: There are more photos up on the TFG Flickr, checkem out!

  • The whole exhibition was pretty amazing, including a BMW motorcycle dressed up in Eley’s signature razzle pattern:

  • M

    Its good to see more styl’n road bike pics.

    I’ll give it a year and maybe that viking crank logo be a double….. Or compact


  • John william davies

    It’s fashion designers Eley Kishamoto. Welshman Mark Eley and Japansese woman Wakako Kishimoto.