Some Recent 35mm Photos Nov 18, 2010





I am riding around less and less now with my Digital SLR. With a 1-hour digital developer right around the corner from my house, it’s pretty easy to shoot with my film cameras and have the photos rather quickly. While I’m not as stoked with the photo quality from my Yashica T4 as I am with my Olympus Stylus, it does take some nice photos.

Check a few more out on my Flickr.

  • nice pube in the first photo.

  • Yashica T4 is where it’s at. I’ve been searching for one, but my Canon AF-7 does the trick for now. Glad to see you are shooting more film!

  • Doug, I KNEW you’d point that out.

    Zach, I think the Stylus does a much better job. The Yashica seems way overrated IMO.

  • detail oriented, it’s a curse.

  • i had a t4. its fun. you should try the ilford xp2 b&w film. its chemical so you can develop it anywhere and your shots will look sick.

  • M

    No hard feelings John, but if you leave that bike unattended I will steal it…and won’t feel bad about it.

  • Edward Scoble

    Correction: YOU take the nice photos, not the camera.

    I’m sure you’ll agree that the camera does not magically appear and took those photos on it’s own without a person’s help.

  • YES. but the T4 processes photos that are sub-par to my Stylus. All I’m sayin’….


  • I got mine for like $30…


  • joe

    Try to find an Olympus XA2, they’re pretty cheap, and I’ve had great luck with mine!

  • Great shots. Love the first one, with the light reflecting off the bike.