Prolly is not Probably Command Central Nov 16, 2010


For some reason, I get a lot of emails from people asking what my work area looks like. I have no reason why they want to know that, maybe it’s because they expect me to work in some swanky loft. Well, it’s nothing special. My desk is small and my monitor is big. If you ever wanted to know what my “studio” looks like, check out some quick shots on my Flickr.

  • M

    So disappointing.

  • HAHAHA. +1

  • d

    that chair looks uncomfortable

  • Dima

    Hey, look at that Bach. Pad! Isn’t that just cute.

  • Kurt Kliebocker

    Diggin the fap lotion within arms reach…

  • Eric

    for someone who love quality design i would have expected something a lot different..

  • This current apartment is more of a “transition” space. My last work space was more in tune with my design sensibilities. But thanks for your concern…

  • Bliss

    Ah so this is where the master works

  • for a comparison, this was my last apartment.


  • One1

    as a longtime reader i just wanna say thanks for opening up to your readers. i didnt think youd live in a massive crib and have a big desk with diamond lettering or neon lights. your a peoples person prolls. keep your humble attitude dog. not everyone can be a rich kid

  • fish and chips

    ^ Im with this guy.

    @Eric, pshhh, is that serious.