Kinfolk: Patrick’s Track Bike Nov 1, 2010


Just in time for Fall, the Ways & Means crew at Kinfolk just built up Patrick’s new track bike. That color just pops! Solid build but those White Industries cranks would look stellar murdered-out!

  • thanks for the praise, i love the bike! the paint job has juts a “bit” of silver flake over the orange with a clear cote perl finish. actually, i put the bike together with the idea of giving it an old school/new school vibe. i ordered the frame with more street cruise friendly angles with the top tube on a slight incline (barely noticeable to see, but the ride rocks!). I had it made with tange double butted oversized tubes, and it feels light and not as hard as a traditional steel kusaka frame. I have 30 cc tioga komodo tires set up on 36 spoke velocity B43 rims with dura-ace high flange hubs. if you look closely at the white industries crank, it goes super nice with the kinfolk decal. it was a toss up with the black crank, but i am very happy i went with silver. the handle bars are made by “imperial” japan. this company is putting out some super old school classic bar designs that are very tasty to the eye and offer a very distinct feel to the ride. See more pics of the bike here: