Cycling WMD and his Bruiser Tallbike Nov 22, 2010


Alan from Cycling WMD has quite the stable. From beautiful bicycles to his freakbikes, it’s safe to say that he has made some bicycle monstrosities in his day. Last Friday, we spent the afternoon riding his Milwaukee Bruiser chop-job tallbike. This thing is a lotta fun to ride and as Alan demonstrates below, is totally shredable!

Check out more photos below.


Alan set it up as a single speed with a 990 brake in the rear.


This thing is mean!


This was my favorite detail: the head tube bulge from splicing the two bikes together.


The warm fall sun was bright and made for some rad photos. We took it for a spin around the neighborhood.


Alan was skidding all over.


Hopping over manholes.


Hopping around on a bank.


Rad! Thanks for spending the time with me homie. Check out some more shots on my Flickr.

  • Man am I hott or what?! xD

    Thanks for the post man! Let’s ride again soon..

  • Dustin

    mini tall.

    sick looking, but come on man, get yo self higher up there! i wanna see a 2spd kickback bruisertall built for jousting. ie, your seat should be at least shoulder height.

    at least lyle’s was the right height ;P