Cycling Weapon of Mass Destruction: Purple Nagasawa Nov 8, 2010


Ah. This makes sense. Now I know why Alan sold his white Nago not too long ago. I’d much rather have this beaut! One thing’s for sure, CWMD knows how to build and photograph bikes. Perfect saddle angle, the drops are wrapped perfectly and damn, look at that photo!

Check out the full set at CWMD.

  • mike

    Any idea on what sort of bar tape is on there?
    This post made my morning.

  • wade

    WOW, WOW, WOW …
    The sunset in the photos is the PERFECT color – the underside shot of the BB shell is the BOMB.
    The matte purple is gorgeous. DA10!!
    It looks like if you picked up even a piece of snot on the front tire it wouldn’t clear the fork – super tight.

  • wade

    sport a Prolly Milltag on that and it’ll just f’n POP!!
    Prolly’s sooo jealous ….

  • gorgeous frame, perfect build.

    @mike – looks like fizik microtex to me…

  • knarg

    the tape is fizik microtex soft touch, but the wrap is anything but perfect. wrapped too far up top, the tape should be even with the clamp shim and not wrapped over it. and the tape is too thick at the bar ends and isn’t plugged perfectly. some tape protrudes on the underside of one of the plugs.