2010 Philly Bike Expo: Bishop Bikes


2010 Philly Bike Expo: Bishop Bikes


I’ve been showing Baltimore-based Bishop Bikes a lotta love here on the blog over the years. There’s an attention to detail in their frames that just speaks to me. From using NOS tubesets to carving up lugs, Bishop Bikes’ frames are amazing!

I caught up with Bishop at the Philly Bike Expo and took a detailed look at their bikes. Check out more photos below.


It’s Cross season and that means tons of custom cross bikes are lining the queues of framebuilders nation wide. Bishop had two cross bikes at the show: one single speed and one with SRAM Red.


Like all of Bishop’s work, the detailing is spot-on with the branding. Unfortunately, because his booth was always packed, it was impossible to photograph the complete bikes.


One of the in-progress frames is this track bike. Bishop called up Geekhouse and got a pair of Marty’s track ends. While Geekhouse doesn’t sell these normally, Marty really appreciates Bishop’s work, so he sold him a set.


Fastback seat stays.


… and internal cable routing.


With a beautiful bottom bracket cluster. Once this beauty gets painted, it’s being shipped off to China where the customer lives.


Another beauty was this road bike.


What a sexy detail.


With a custom, badged quill stem.


Bishop used NOS Gilco tubing on this bike.


The head tube cluster lugs were carved out.


And man, the paint is so clean!


Overall, with the SRAM Red, this was one of the nicest bikes at the show!


Here’s one of the first Bishop track bikes, after being ridden for years on the streets of Baltimore. I love this photo and the bike is killer in person!


Something Bishop had at the booth was a run of cycling caps. I got one a little while ago and am stoked on it. Everything Bishop makes is just so sensibly detailed!

Awesome bikes man and it was great to finally meet you! Check out some additional photos on my Flickr.