Esurance: Whose Road Is It Anyway? Oct 23, 2010


In a rather interesting turn of events, Esurance, the automotive insurance company offers up tips for drivers from a cyclist. I’d like to see more of this spreading around but I’m not sure how much of it I agree with. Check out the full article right here.

  • andrew

    butta beeeeeannnnn

  • Corey

    I don’t care for this article. The author conveys that cycling is inherently dangerous and reinforces the notion that motorists and cyclists can and should be governed by the same vehicular rules. Also, no emphasis on reducing speed, which is perhaps a driver’s most effective safety mechanism. That aside, it’s encouraging that bike-conscious material like this is being published more often.

  • blair

    @ corey … as the author of the article, a cyclist for 20+ years (and a prolly fan!), i can only defend my stance by saying that i was trying to make automobile drivers understand the rules as they are written, rather than as we may feel they should be. certainly you’ve encountered a few “get out of the road”s on your rides — i know i have, and do. i felt that by explaining what’s a danger or impedence to us, it would help drivers understand why we’re in the lane in the first place. you’re right about reduction of speed, which i tried to get at in the section about passing us and about us sharing the lane, but obviously i didn’t focus on it enough. maybe next time!