Continuum Cycles: New Cross Bikes Oct 14, 2010

Photo by Andrew Franciosa

Dan just posted up some shots of his new Continuum Cross Bike on his Tumblr. I caught up with Jeff at Interbike as he walked around on the floor with his and thought it looked pretty legit. Here’s a race photo of Dan putting it to work and you can check out a side-profile photo below.


Looks great Dan, how’s it ride? Check out more photos at Dan’s Tumblr. These framesets are due in time at Continuum Cycles. If you’re interested in checking one out, swing through their shop. I’ll try to make it out next week and shoot photos of Jeff’s build.

On a side note, I just wanna say that Andrew’s photo of Richard Sachs racing is so rad!

  • Dan

    This bikes is much more aggressive then the Salsa(my previous bike). It has a much shorter wheel base and a steeper head tube. My position on it is completely different because of this. Having said that I enjoy racing this bike. It really rails corners and loves the two wheel slide. It is slightly heavier then the Salsa but maybe only by a pound and thats mostly because I am to lazy to swap my AlphaQ on to it. The first time I raced this bike was also my first win as a Cat 1. So it’s as fast as it looks.

  • Guy

    Nice bike indeed! Do you know what’s the gears set-up on this beauty?

  • I think I saw this frame on the bridge the other day! I saw a guy with a frame over his shoulders. I remember the CC logo and was trying to place it- it took me until about the end of the bridge to realize it was continuum… looks pirty!

  • Dan

    Andy, that was me riding it home after I picked it up from Jeff.

    The gears are set up 12-27 in the back with a 46/38 in the front.