Beautiful Jack Taylor Time Trial Oct 21, 2010


Jack Taylor made the bicycles of dreams and here’s a perfect example of one. OneTwentyEight posted this to the NYC boards today and left all of us drooling on our keyboards. The love for Jack Taylor bikes runs strong over here and this classic British steed from the era when time trails were somewhat less nerdy. If it were a late 70’s time trail, I’d be even more in love!

Anyone got a photo credit?

  • max

    Isn’t that a Zo bike? I have no idea who shot it.

  • Edward Scoble

    That image is from Flickr, if you did a search of Jack Taylor, you’ll find it;

    It worth searching in Flickr for more Jack Taylor bike, they’re absolute gems, and he made some of the best one I’ve seen.

  • Oli

    Sorry, it may be beautifully constructed but that is one butt-ugly bicycle. It would have been ugly back in the 80s and it still is today.

  • Russell

    If I remember correctly that saddle was banned by the UCI. The rear lip was designed so the rider could push against it allowing more power to be concentrated to the pedals. The UCI declared that this constituted a “fairing” somehow?!?!?