Ask Prolly: Where the @%&# are the Viking New Eras? Oct 19, 2010


I have gotten this email at least 30 times in the past week: Where the @%&# are the Viking New Eras? Rather than having to answer the same question over and over again, here’s the status: an email was sent to New Era asking for an ETA and I am waiting on a reply. That’s all I know. I know I thought it would be a few weeks. We turned the P.O. in the first week in September. Which leads me to believe that they’re on their way.

I’ll update the blog with information as events warrant. Thanks for your patience!

  • Funny thing, I was just about email you and ask when you thought the hats might be in. Glad I checked the site first.

  • C Perez

    Stupid question, but is it too late to get in on ordering a Prolly hat?

  • Colby

    Cant wait for the hat homie!

  • BW

    NE always works like that…just when your blood starts to boil a little, the hats arrive and everything is all good.

  • Old Man

    from what i understand NE is one of the slowest going processes in the urban fashion world. but they are the most legit hat in the universe and worth the wait and hassle.

  • Please don’t blame Prolly on this one. This is a Mishka situation. We are working on getting a better answer for you guys, but they will be out soon!

  • alex 12

    we there yet?

  • Plan9

    It’s been a month since this post. Any word on these?