A Letter from Al Cisneros Oct 28, 2010


How’s this for a bit of randomness injected into your Thursday afternoon? Luke forwarded me this post on Bastard Squad that includes a hand-written note from Al Cisneros of Sleep. How rad is that? I’ve got my Sleep all “packed” up for the ride to Philly tomorrow.

  • A

    Cupertino, Ca. in the house.

  • that’s just so RAD!

  • Sleep absolutely killed it in SF for their reunion. My ears rang worse than when i saw MBV.

  • Kanon08

    Awesome! Legendary guy, legenday band.

  • I used to roll past that address in the early 90’s when i was riding at Calabazas.

  • Brad

    did you see the picture of matt pike on a bike in the previous post?

  • thanks for not being complete fucking sperm guzzlers and actually saying where that shit comes from.
    bastardsquadron rules the motherfucking god damn face right off all you 10speed no brake rainbow colored bike dudes.
    do skids.eat steak.drink beer.blast hof.

  • Can I put that on a shirt? Who has a 10-speed with no brakes? What took you so long?