Mark Isaacson’s BMC Street Fixed Sep 10, 2010

Photo by Mark Isaacson

We saw Mark’s last bike and fell in love. Sure, some hated on it, saying “Why?” but others, myself included, just sat back and drooled all over our keyboards. Ok, so one track bike with drops, check. A cyclocross conversion, check. What about a composite track bike with risers?

Check. There’s more below!

Photo by Mark Isaacson

This is “hella” rad.

Photo by Mark Isaacson

Ride it to the track, flip the wheel and drop in some road bars….

Photo by Mark Isaacson

Damn Mark. These photos are so nice. As is the build. Thanks for sharing man!

Yamaguchi Team USA Track with CX Customization

  • antonio

    everything old is new again

  • bla

    dropbar please

  • d.patrick1a

    nice bike. i could do with out the aerospoke or who ever makes that but thats just me.

  • Dude, that’s a HED3. An $800 wheel.

  • d.patrick1a

    sorry im just into them. lol. its all good prolly it was just my opinion.

  • chris b.

    Speaking of nice BMC’s… I’ve got a 60cm BMC Team Machine frame and fork ( that I would like to sell. If you want a yuppy bike to make yuppies jealous or piss them off, this is it. It is completely new, unused, and still in the packaging it was shipped in. I designed and built some home theater speakers for a friend and got the bike as payment. Anyhow, I’m having a kid soon and it doesn’t make sense to spend the money to build the bike up properly. If you want pics I can get them to you by Sunday night or Monday morning. I live in Brooklyn. I won’t deliver the bike until all payment has completely cleared, no exceptions. If you want it shipped, I’ll send it via UPS and you’re responsible for the cost of shipping. If you are interested, contact me at analoglust at g mail and we can work something out. Put BMC in the subject or I won’t respond.

    Thanks for letting me post this, John.

  • Chris

    I’m totally cool with this as long as it IS ridden on the track now and then. If that’s the case it’s kosher. If it’s only ridden on the street then I agree that it is a waste. Akin to buying some dually freeride bike and only riding it in NYC.

  • hors

    At least complete it with a HED disc in the rear!
    I wish I had this much money, i’d totally do the same.

  • barish

    i would totally fuck with cars on that

  • bakerbones


  • mars

    I hate matching front and back HED3s, tacky IMO. If you’re gonna have a HED3 front I like a quality lace up in the back for street and a disc for track… BTW I hate white rims but for some reason it works here. I would flip it, black rim mismatched white tire.

    That Yamaguchi Cyclo is SIIIICCCKK!!! I was flippin thru the MASHSF mag getting sad that cyclo isn’t so big here in NY…. Then started searching eBay and was inspired by this……

    Too bad too big for me…. :(

  • Harry

    Interesting timing! I just saw a very similar BMC to this one in Sydney Australia today. Ive never heard of the brand before.

  • Chris

    I disagree with mars, matching wheels are a way better look, but if you are going t do one aero wheel, put it in the back, where the aerodynamic advantage will be felt more.

  • wallingsworth

    this is what it’s like to be a total dbag with a lot of money and don’t have a clue what to do with it. you end up with immensely retarded builds like this BMC and his last y’guchi..

    it doesn’t matter to me how he does his builds but i’m going to laugh because i can :)

  • lex

    this is like the bike version of “property of the queen”

  • claes

    Why are people disturbed by HED3´s and aerospokes? Because it´s expensive? Because it´s not used for it´s real purpose? C´mon, this “hobby” of ours is based on doing something we enjoy, and a big part of it is showing of our bikes. If some people are ready to put in serious money into it, there is no reason to start bashing on it. However, if you don´t like the design of a aerospoke (like me) feel free to express yourself about that. I have a huge dislike for raiser-bars, expensive or not.

  • R120

    This build has been put together by someone who only cares about image, not riding their bike – eggbeaters on a brakeless fixed? Does the dud have a death wish.

    Such potential, but really badly executed, i am suprised it made it on to the blog