Locked Up: Bombadil 650b and Bridgestone Track Sep 19, 2010


Now, this is probably the last bike I’d buy from Rivendell. The Bombadil is kind of a quirky city bike and the guy riding it did have a cute girlfriend who rode a Bridgestone track bike. Easily the cutest couple I saw on my Saturday ride.

I’m in the throws of packing and prepping for Interbike, so if you wanna see more photos, head over to my Flickr!

  • Someone should tell him that Rivendell designed the MKS Lambda for a reason!

  • Dude Animal is so street though!

  • TJ

    I think that’s the ONLY bike I’d buy from Rivendell (or the discontinued Riv All-Rounder)…. but then paying artisan prices for something made in the far east alongside Surly does not compute. Great color, tho.

  • bearcub

    actually it’s designed to be a 650b mtn bike, for more leisurely cross country style rides.

  • Prolly

    I know what it’s designed for but that’s not how he’s
    Using it…

  • Stuart

    @TJ The Bombadil (and most of Rivendell’s bikes) are made in Wisconsin. I guess that *could* be construed as the far east depending on where you’re starting from…

    I don’t think Waterford makes any frames for Surly unless I missed the press release. Lotsa Rivendell models used to made in Japan, but Surlys have never been made in Japan. One Rivendell model (discontinued) was solely made in Taiwan and another used to be but production moved to Wisconsin. That’s the Bleriot and the Sam Hillborne respectively.

    But yeah, ride whatever you want!

  • Austin

    The latest batch of Betty Foy bikes are also made in Taiwan. Although I think the forks are from Toyo. I don’t remember exactly. As the prior posters have mentioned, the b’dill is a mountain bike. I’m also not sure what John found so quirky about it. Perhaps the purple pedals? I wouldn’t mind going trail riding on that bike as is!