Jake Ricker: Bicycle Stable Sep 3, 2010

Photo by Jake Ricker

Not a bad little stable you got there Jake. An aggressive low-pro, a traditional track and a road bike. So nice and they all get ridden. Great idea for a photo shoot too. Maybe I’ll do this one day. Check out more detail photos at Jake’s Flickr!

  • Uteliebelly


  • tyler johnson

    Love the shamals they look way better, but you gotta get that FSA wheel off your Viner! throw on the campy to hplus!

  • nundt

    thought this dude rode for leader street

  • nundt,

    Jake does ride for us at Leader, but just like everyone, Jake is a lover of bikes, not just one brand or model. Jakes stable is very impressive his Leader and non Leader collection.

    Above is some from his non Leader collection. Check his flickr and older posts from many blogs to see his Leaders.

  • Jake Ricker

    Just because I ride for Leader doesn’t mean I can’t own and ride other bikes…
    It’s funny the person above you rides for Leader and I’ve never seen any comments like that when photos of him get posted on other bikes.
    Who cares!

  • Damn Jake, people love you! hahahah.

    Oh man, the Internet today has been delivering!

  • Jordo

    LOL @ the comments. A haters job is to hate. How come Jake has nice bikes? How come I can’t have nice bikes? LOL