Interbike 2010: Macaframa Raleigh Track Bike Sep 22, 2010


At Interbike this year, Macaframa introduced their collaboration with Raleigh USA. Based on the old colorway and graphics from Raleigh’s first track bike, the Macaframa track bike incorporates insignia from SF, the movie’s hometown. You know Mike Giant designed the art work right?

Check out more photos below.



Check back later for more exclusive looks from the 2010 Interbike tradeshow.

  • yawn

  • joe

    very pretty build. Also I really appreciate that macaframa is sticking to what they were originally big for. Someone still has to ride fast bikes

  • Dape

    Oh great, another rebranded Bianchi Super Pista (much like the new GT track frame) with a radial spoked rear to boot.

  • You do realize that radial non-drive rear is completely normal and 10000000’s of bikes have them right? This thing is nothing like the Bianchi either but guessing from your comment on radial lacing non-drive, I’m going to take that with a grain of salt…

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Colby was right, this shit is sick! It pretty much screams Mike Giant!

  • Ukiah

    John was it two cross + radial? That setup always makes bikes look so damn clean. And don’t even get me started on that artwork… This bike is flawless.

  • Even if both sides were radial laced on the rear, who cares? It’s a f*cking show off bike! And a pretty damn nice one, if you ask me.

  • Alex

    It reminds me of the Rush Hour Pro… which i sadly miss…

  • ez

    Super Pista? Uhhh… try the Raleigh Rush Hour Pro (may she rest in peace). I always liked those bikes and half wished I had bought one, especially the versions with the yellow paint job. Raleigh makes excellent frames (the regular Rush Hours were pretty tough).

    (As prolly has stated, my road bike wheelsets have had radial non-drive sides as far back as I can recall).

  • Noah

    Looks great! When will this beauty be available for purchase?

  • i ride a radial non drive side and 3x drive side on my fixed now and it is strong as hell. this is a beautiful bike!

  • jason


  • DaveID

    So sick!!! And it’s like the 2010 Rush Hour Pro, they changed the seat tube tho…I want one! I just built-up the 2010…Colin and Rainer have em too. And I’m totally for the radial laced rear.

  • ericeffinB

    i like that an O20 stem cap found its way onto this build.

  • Chris


  • Ryan

    What’s up with the fork/headtube in the second picture?! Is that fork not made to be used with an integrated headset, or did someone forget to put the bottom bearing and race on the fork?

  • that’s my Orange 20 top cap. The dudes needed one and I had one on me…

  • ericeffinB

    either way, I’m sure Kyle will be pshyched when he see the Cap on the Maca Bike. WESTSIDE!!

  • bike is sick!

    on another note, your raleigh link in the opening text is wrong (

  • Raleigh Nerd

    Actually, Raleigh’s first track bikes were blue with white panels. They started coming in red/white/blue in 1973. But this is certainly a beautiful paint job.