Interbike 2010: Bianchi Campione Road Bike Sep 27, 2010


Classics will never die. The golden age of cycling saw many greats and to keep with the tradition of the Campione del Mondo, Bianchi introduced their 2011 Campione road bike. Complete with a coat of black wet paint, gumwall tires, downtube indexed shifting and a classic race geometry, the Campione is ready to take you through the streets and into the hills.

Check out more photos below.


They kept the throwback logos.


The Campione is loaded with Shimano, the perfect group for an entry-level steel road bike.


A sporty cockpit and a dark-as-night paint job give the Campione a racy image.


It’s got rack mounts in case you want to commute on it and will be available at a pricepoint of $799.99 USD. Not bad! If you’ve never had a road bike, this might be your best bet. I’m impressed. I absolutely love the gumwalls too!

  • saw this the other day when the Bianchi rep came through my shop. I was pretty pumped on it although I think that they’re still charging too much for that bike but we all know that Bianchi is one of the few allowed to charge for their name alone. Great looking bike though.

  • chris


  • Tim

    Beautiful.. but why????? Shimano? It should be Campag.

  • No, it should be APEX!

    Campy doesn’t make a low-lower end component group. Modern campy SUCKS. Sorry, it’s true. I’d rather roll SRAM because well, you know, “SRAM MAKES BALLER SHIT”

  • Luke

    Clean, but whatever happened to quill stems and threaded headsets? Loads of adjustability and classic style!

  • modern campy sucks?
    i don’t even know what to say to that!
    i would never ride anything other then campy.
    its just so much better.
    either modern or classic!

    i guess there will always be the campy shimano dispute ;)