FBM: The Sword SQ Sep 2, 2010


FBM Fixed may seem like it fell off the radar to some but that’s hardly the case. Fat Bald Men are still at it and just recently they announced the Sword SQ. Finding the balance between “overbuilt” and “delicate” isn’t easy. In an age where people worry about barspin clearance and mid-bottom brackets, FBM continues to do what they do best: bikes that are handmade in the USA (New York!) and take a beating. I’ve always loved these bikes and they look amazing with road drops. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what Tracko rides!

Can I also just note that this headbadge is the best ever? So nice.

  • Adrian

    The seat cluster on that bike is beautiful.

  • Alice Glass.

    I bet you didn’t know FBM pushed the Mid BB standard.

  • J

    Anybody ride/own a sword? Love the raw steel. But for the $ do I go with the Fat Bald Men of NY, or say the Fat British Men of Bob Jackson or the Fat Wisconsin Men of Milwaukee (Cream City)?

  • Alice Glass.

    Would you rather have a frameset that was built by one of the most well-respected fabricators in NY(Big Dave @ FBM) or would you preffer a decently okay Taiwanese frameset?

  • Adam

    I have always really liked these frames. Has anyone on here ever take one of them to the track before?

  • puckett

    whats the difference between these and the older models? i ride one of the older ones as a commuter and its fuckin awesome.

  • Alice Glass.

    The first version has different shaped dropouts, I think the Geo is still the same, and I believe newer versions of this frame can either come i
    with an Integrated headtube option, or a Press-fit option.

  • Adrian

    @Puckett, I think it’s the True Temper OX Platinum down-tube and top-tube and yeah, the dropout revision (not sure if this was on the earlier versions?), and I guess that’s all?