A Day in 10 Photos 09.19.2010 Sep 27, 2010


The day before I travel, I usually like to clear my head by getting on the road bike and logging around 40-60 miles. It’s a big chunk of time to set aside but in the end, it’s worth it. Prior to heading to Vegas for Interbike, I took the morning and afternoon off and rode to Piermont. This time I left my Canon G10 at home and took my Olympus Stylus 35mm camera. Armed with my bike and $0.99 store film, I headed out of the concrete jungle and into the woods.

Check out nine more photos below.


Get around the city anyway you can. Just don’t be this guy.


My route is fairly easy. I head to the 59th street bridge, through Central Park, up through Harlem and to the George Washington bridge.


From here, the city looks a lot more green than it does downtown.


From the GW bridge, I head into the Palisades. Also known as River Road, the Palisades takes you up and down a series of hills and you can even get to water level.


But if you chose to head there, you’ve got a big climb back up to 9W.


Riding through the woods, miles outside the city is exhilarating.


Then you come to Alpine climb. A gnarly s-bend climb from the water all the way back up to the streets. It’s really steep and almost as fun to go down as it is to climb up.


Here’s where I take a break. Usually around 4:20, a few hours before the GW Bridge closes to pedestrian traffic.


From there, it’s time to ride home. The sky was so foreboding that day, looking like it was going to pour at any moment. As the sun sat, I became anxious knowing that I had to be in Vegas the next morning. We all saw how the trip turned out so I think this ride was the best thing for me that day…

  • Where do I get one of those lighters?

  • Kevin W

    Your photo with the bike on top of the “gnarly s-bend” has a no bikes sign behind it. You’re probably exceeding the 25mph speed limit too I bet. If you get caught, tell ’em your name is Eddy.

  • (here’s assuming you are smoking weed)didn’t knew you actually smoked, even after noting your music taste. not all stoners sit on sofas all day! we’re active people too! more people need to go on long ass rides and get out the city. peace

  • Mark, I think your shop has them no?


  • Kasper

    Agreed Jake… Just get out there and appreciate life and all of it’s relaxing benefits… like a long meditative ride or finding some clarifications through the fog.

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    best day in 10 photos yet. oly stylus epic for the win. i like my leica minilux better though.

  • Jolly

    Oh man, long bike rides with a “quick break” are the best kind. Slap the cool shades on and go for a nice ride. two thumbs up

  • Rui

    Alpine is a great climb, there is time trial there every year (about a mile long) from the Alpine boat basin to the police station up top. Cool little race.

    @Kevin W, Im pretty sure the no bike sign is for the dirt trail that start thre of for the on ramp for the palisades that is also right where that picture was taken. Bikes are cool on River Road.

  • Love that ride up to Piermont, there’s a deli up that way that has THE best food. The bridge closing never made much sense to me. Road up there a bunch of times this summer, I need a road bike, fixed g. is good but not my first choice.

  • Joe

    ride on!

  • So, did you hear about the CEO of Segway dying on his own Segway yesterday?

    I could not make this shit up if I tried.

  • Thanks guys! Sure a Leica would be nice but my $15 Olympus is nice too…

  • Kerry Perry
  • Wade

    That sign is on the top and the bottom of the hill, and y’all be careful, ’cause the dick Palisades smokies like to sit there and ticket riders, particularly on the weekends. It only pertains to that specific section though.
    That road all the way to the station is a great mind-clearer!!! Wish they’d repave the big hill – saw a guy lay-down his crabon frame on it in the spring – bye, bye $3k …. STEEL IS REAL …

  • I’d have to agree with Jack, this is an awesome set of photos. Hope to do some distance rides with you soon.

  • Chris

    The long rides are always such good ways to clear one’s head (with a little help).

    Prolly, just curious (and you don’t have to draw too fine of a point on this, as it’s a personal question) but what do you do as your “day job” that allows you to make your own hours and travel to interbike? I only ask because I’m jealous of the long rides and the travel.

  • Chris

    Also, the “A Day in 10 Photos” posts you do are some of my favourites. Keep them up!

  • shane

    Awesome photos. 4:20? best time for a break.

  • jeremy

    small world- you rode by me while I was at a crosswalk in Manhattan during a random trip to NY. apparently it was during this ride…I probably havent visited this site in almost a year but still somehow recognized the bike