A Closer Look at the Trimble Affinity Track Bike Sep 28, 2010


The last we saw of this bike was before Interbike. I posted it and immediately everyone had their version of the story behind Trimble and the monocoque bike frame. Now this isn’t a background post, that’s coming later, It’s simply a closer look at the Trimble track bike for Affinity Cycles with decal design by Kinfolk. I know that’s a lot of companies putting in their work for a frame but with a beauty like this, it’s worth it.

Check out more photos below.









We had a fun time photographing the bike for sure. Maceo from Kinfolk did an awesome job on the decals and the bike just looks fierce! Keep in mind this is a prototype and certain details are bound to change for the production run. As for pricing and availability, it’s hard to say when that information will be ready but for now at least you’ve got these photos to drool over!

Be on the look-out for a background on the Trimble track bikes later this week.

  • Brian

    Holy Crap!! I saw this bike in person at interbike and was thoroughly impressed, I am not a affinity fan but this thing was a straight up TRACK bike, true to the term. Hopefully they don’t do something weird like Rack mounts or bottle cages when the productions come out.

  • hors

    Wait, WHAT! PRODUCTIONS?! I thought,this thing was a one-off. GNAR!

  • negaatio

    Imo decals look pretty bad. They are too patriotic and for me as european quite cheesy. Would prefer one with just plain lacquered carbonfibre and that downtube text AFFINITY. Other than that, it looks fking awsome.

  • jrmd

    I agree about the decals. Not everyone is going to want a screaming eagle on the side of their carbon bike.

    Bad-ass bike though.

  • Nathan S.

    Any more news on this?