1985 Colnago Arabesque Sep 1, 2010


I just came across this beautiful Colnago Arabesque and was immediately lost in the details. It really is gorgeous with everything, well except the bar wrap, dialed into perfection. I really hate loose tape, especially when it’s wrapped the wrong way! Needless to say, this is a perfect snow, I mean show bike.

  • chémpliers

    in photos like this, how does the bike stay balanced?

  • A thin bike stand that mounts to the NDS QR. You then PS it out in post.

  • RobNoir

    Looks like a gorgeous bike. I’m on the verge of picking up a Colnago of my own but this bike looks flawless. As for the handlebar tape, that’s just how they used to wrap em’. Maybe this bike belongs to some serious purist.

  • jason

    what’s the problem with the tape?

  • jason

    what’s wrong with the tape?

  • Tape is wrapped from the center to the bar end which is counter intuitive and will cause loosening. When you ride tape, you pull it down so the direction is important. You also need to pull it a lot harder when you wrap it – shouldn’t be that loose!

  • vay anasını very good

  • Samu

    I know how to wrap bar tape… I did it that way just I dont need to put another tape to hold bar tape on top. ;)

    I do have some other bikes too, so maybe I´m a purist then:)