Wrawh: Antonyo Interview Aug 6, 2010

Torey just put up an interview with Milwaukee’s Antonyo Wothe. Head on over and read up on how he replies to some funny questions like:

You choose to ride more technical as a pose to throwing yourself down stairs like some losers. How did you come across this decision with your riding?

I chuckled when I read that! While you’re there, make sure to check out Torey’s 700c Grime ‘Sup Mayne‘ proto.

  • chase

    are these frames gunna break like the others? that is why they stopped production right?

  • ^no grime frames have broken yet.
    we stopped taking orders cause we have to many right now and dont want to make kids pay and end up waiting forever to get their frames.
    run and tell that home boy.

    antonyo is sick,
    the “losers” comment made me laugh too.

  • “…more technical as a pose to throwing…”

    I think homey meant to say ‘as opposed to’.

    I hate be the grammar police, it makes me feel like an old man.

    But reading that just made me cringe. Really, actually cringe, and grind my teeth.

  • matt shap

    Thank you Calvin. It needed to be said. If it wasn’t you it was going to be me. My english teacher would be proud!

  • chase

    didnt wrahw man throw himself down 20 stairs in deth pedal? is this irony or…