Two Beautiful Steel Race Bikes Aug 26, 2010


Cycles for Heroes, aka Fixie Inc’s newest addition to their line of steel bikes: the Pure Blood cross. So nice! Love the Moots-inspired seat stays.


From Wrench Science comes this 2011 Colnago Master x Light build. For those wanting perfomance with a throwback aesthetic. These will be hitting their store in September, so hop on! Oh and this build only weighs 16.5 lbs! Damn.

Both of these bikes are damn beautiful!

  • These bikes surprise us every time, not only ascetically but how light these things are after the builds. 16.5 with a steel fork, and you even have the option to go carbon. The master x light is available for order, so hit me up for availability.

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  • TroyH

    Hot cross rig, but whats up with the silly disc thingies? Really?

  • Dave

    You might like Andre’s fixed pure blood build

  • Dan

    actually, this is Fiie Inc’s latest pure blood :)

    @troyh discs are ace on crosses

  • cj

    fricking beautiful machine. i literally shuddered aloud when looking at the larger picture. yum.