The Brooklyn Paper is Protecting a Criminal Aug 13, 2010


Now, since reading this, I’ve been indifferent about posting it, not wanting to give this asshole any more attention than he deserves. But then I got to thinking and I figured you guys would want the heads up. So the story goes, some neighborhood guy (the kind that would probably go on and on about 9-11 and freedom) got fed up with bikes littering the sidewalks of Williamsburg (and yet condo scaffolding and cars are ok) so he started to Krazy glue the locks of said bikes shut. To top it off, the Brooklyn Paper is concealing his identity because they’re a bunch of assholes.

What urks me the most about the situation is this guy should be talking to the community board and his elected officials to solve the ‘problem’ of people riding more and driving less. Instead he takes it into his hands and commits a misdemeanor. Multiple times. If this were some dude Krazy gluing car doors closed, or small businesses’ doors shut, there’d be hell to pay but since it’s ‘ironic’ to people who don’t live in Williamsburg, they can act like fucking cowards and keep his identity safe.

Lame. Brooklyn Paper, you’re officially run by herbs.

  • austin

    I read this just this afternoon and was speechless.

    No matter what you think of the majority of people riding the bikes, it certainly isn’t up to him to glue locks. And it most certainly isn’t right for newspapers to run a story as if he were some guy trying to single-handedly stop crime.

  • This is the fucking worst! What a bunch of cunts!


  • Wait… he doesn’t like bikes being locked up on the sidewalks so he making them difficult to remove from the sidewalks?

  • too cool charlie

    there ya go dawg.
    fuck this guy.
    deserves a ulock
    upside his head.

  • mike

    fuck man i dont live there but this shit gets me livid. i am so fucking sick of the nonsensical hatred stupid people possess towards bicycles. fuck this guy i hope he gets a good u-lock or two. better yet i just hope he goes to jail.

  • best idea yet, he manages to super glue his hand to a bike as he’s trying to sticky up a lock

    we can hope right…

  • Pray to god people don’t find out who he is. He’s gonna catch a nice u-lock to the face

  • the person doing this is jonathan pham from milpitas

  • phil g.

    we need to set up an ambush on his ass!!

  • Moneyfire

    Don’t glue bikes bro.

    Seriously what assholes. Got to love how journalistic integrity fits with Brooklyn Paper’s perception of their readerships’ opinion on the proliferation of biking in the city. As bike infrastructure grows it seems that there is an increasingly apocalyptic tone to the bikes v. cars v. pedestrians v. transit debate. Giving this guy vigilante love only heightens that conflict. I can’t wait to see what happens when some hoodlum cracks this honest citizen while he is trying to exact justice by gluing their lock.

  • Curtis

    This guy is his own worst enemy.

  • That guy is on a fast track to an ass beating. One step forward – more bikes, more lanes, more advocacy, and a commitment (in many cities) to make streets safe for riders, then two steps back – shit like this, towns outright banning cycling, physical assaults (by car), removing city ‘Ghost Bike’ memorials deemed ‘derelict bikes’, and 1.1 million dollar fines for not installing breaks etc. A simple solution, more bike racks? Not the case, the DOT has strict guidelines under which they can install bike racks. Even with more racks, I doubt they would make a difference with this guy.

  • Chris

    He probably thinks that by gluing the locks the bikes will stay there until they’re either rusted, stolen, or removed by the city.

    Regardless, the Brooklyn police should be called because this is obvious destruction of property. The Brooklyn paper would have to give up the man’s name if the police have a warrant, which should be easy to get (considering they know the name of the criminal).

    Brooklyn Police’s number: 718-963-5311, 718 963-4168

  • pushakey

    strength in numbers, organize a bike in at their headquarters, everyday until they change their stance on protecting criminals

  • Chris

    If i catch this guy putting glue in my lock I’ll turn him into a drooling vegetable.

  • rdrey

    I fuckin’
    I fuckin’
    [Glue] your asshole closed, and keep feedin you, and feedin you, and feedin you, and feedin you.
    Torture, motherfucker!

  • Reminds me of the time a wheelchair bound grumpy old man HIT MY BIKE WITH A HAMMER because it was protruding into the sidewalk on a designated bike lock. As if the bike thieves weren’t enough, now we have reverse bike-thief-vandals.

  • Lowell

    id set up my bike with a video camera filming it then come out and bust his ass. Get him arrested. sue him for some exorbitant amount because thats what Americans do now.

    maybe kick him in the balls once or twice too

  • If the story is true, he’ll get caught. Just a matter of time.

  • K-Train

    Human centipede him.

  • Fag

    Ha fag, that’s what you get for living in New York.

  • Klumsy

    Glue the newspaperbox coinslots closed and if possible the newspaper office doors..

  • cj

    what a small mindset this being has. i have my own hangups but damn…i don’t get snagged on stuff like this. his behavior is likely a manifestation of some thing else going on in his psyche or whatever. he needs to be arrested for destruction of property and a bit of (private) therapy because i’m sure we don’t want to pay for it. dude, there are bigger things to worry about and act upon.

  • ksk

    Yeah, I ran across a supporter’s blog about this the other day. It’s sad to know people have this much time on their hands.

  • Wade

    Gary Fisher had a funny RT to the Snob’s post of the article: find the dick and glue his front door lock!