Merckx Mondays Aug 9, 2010

Believe me, I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not Photoshop, just a wacky Merckx Mondays brought to you by those little nuanced moments in cycling and Tears for Gears. If you’re as confused as I was when I first saw this photo, you’ve gotta check out the rest of the post!

Edi Merukusu Mondays!


Just like the US and UK Falcon, Eddy Merckx also licensed bicycles to Miyata in Japan during the early 70’s. These bikes were fabricated in Japan and marketed to the Japanese cyclists in every way imaginable.

Images courtesty of Cyclo Tourist

With touring, camping, city, track and yes, even radball options, the Miyata-built Merckx bikes hit the target market on the head. I’d love to have a Miyata-built Merckx tourer.

How about a mixte?

Or a touring bike with Merckx-branded panniers! We saw the radball bike above, which is by far the nuttiest thing I think I’ve ever posted on this blog. I wish I could find higher-resolution images of the track bike too. It’s clearly a Keirin-inspired geometry with the track stem and tight angles. Simply awesome.

Here I was, worried about making a post for today, freaking out about my computer crashing and all along, Jeremy from Tears for Gears was there to offer a hand with today’s content. Seriously man, I can’t thank you enough!

  • Dan

    That first bike is made to play RadBall,

    aka bike soccer.

  • Dan

    completely missed where you wrote radball in the post, my bad

  • all good!

  • Jangles

    That touring Merckx(triple triangle!?) is amazing I’d love to have one of those set up like that in a 60-62cm. If that’s the way it came stock, that’s the best out of the box tourer I’ve seen; esp from that era! Great post! I wonder how hard it would be to track one of these down?
    Thanks man now I have a grail touring bike to look for! Haha!

  • caesar

    that first cycle is super rad, but it remindes me of CycleBall,

  • rad ball = cycle ball

    does no one read? haha

  • ben

    don’t you know that by now john? the internet is only for showing people how much smarter you are than they by snide comments, only to get thwarted by your own ego and short attention span..

  • Chris Protopapas

    Merckx was not fooling around even when he licensed his name in Japan. Miyata was probably the best choice to do the job.