Matix Clothing: Capital Collection Aug 19, 2010

So yeah, I know this is out of the normal content but I just gotta say “mad respect” to US companies taking production back to the US. Seriously. This is why I love brands like Outlier and local framebuilders . Matix’s Capital Collection is doing it right.

  • Law

    Good ol’ American made!

  • Rob

    Hold Fast is entirely made in the USA. Doing it right!

  • Josh

    Personally, I don’t hate Asian people.

  • dag

    Very very cool.

    Would love to see a lot more companies doing this over the next few years.

  • Brody

    thanks for posting this, pretty refreshing.

  • Awesome, great post.

  • Sterling Atx

    “doing it right” Couldn’t say it any better. Bring it back to the states or at least to somewhere with a fair wage. Looks like im buying some Matix shit.