Locked Up: Panasonic Track Aug 24, 2010


As a friend of mine was unlocking this bike, I asked if I could take a few quick photos of it for the Locked Up series. Alex’s Panasonic is one of the few properly-built and flashy track bikes you’ll see in the neighborhood. Most have sad saddles, rediculous saddle-to bar drop and various other faux pas. I first met Alex in Baltimore, way back when and recently he’s been kicking around NYC for about a year now. Today was the first time I saw him not actually riding his bike, so I took the opportunity to shoot a few quick photos. Note the sign and remember, people don’t mess around in this neighborhood when it comes to locking bikes to fences.

Check out a few more photos of Alex’s Panasonic on my Flickr. Thanks Alex!

  • I’m really stoked on these locked up photos you’ve been doing. I love seeing bikes that actually get used rather than showbikes I see on a lot of blogs and sites.

  • I have a sign on my bike that says, “Do Not Lock Your Fence To My Bike!”

  • Nick

    this is greatest bike i have ever seen. so clean

  • Keirin bikes need box rims. just saying.

  • I remember that bike, he got it not long before he left Baltimore. He still rockin that chub hub?