All-City Cycles: Nature Boy Build Aug 2, 2010

When I first saw photos of All-City’s new Nature Boy fixed / ss cross bike my jaw dropped. Was Jeff really capable of making such a beautiful bike? Of course he is. Now, a few months later and the first build pops up online. I really really really want one of these. If only it had rack mounts! It’d be a perfect winter bike (I’m still gonna try to steal one while I’m in Minneapolis for the All-City Champs).

Check out more photos here at the All-City blog!

All-City Nature Boy Cyclocross Bike

  • Santiago

    Dude!!!.. wow and just in time that im in the hunt/building a Winter/ss/ bike .. the fenders i have would still work on it since it has space for it… i was thinking of getting a surly ciclocross build.. but this beats it x200000

    i wish i could get one before it comes out ( test it :p )