The NYC Squeeze Jul 29, 2010

This photo has been bouncing around various Tumblr sites for a few months now and no one has the photo credit. Each time it pops up, I think to myself how great of a photo it is. Mostly because it captures that NYC Squeeze you develop when riding in New York long enough. It’s not always about how close you are to cars, just how your body conforms to the spaces. Like human Tetris…

  • I often feel like I am in the Japanese game show “hole in the wall” when I am fitting through odd spaces between disparately shaped vehicles:

  • Will

    The NYC Salmon

  • cs

    “bike blogs” on tumblr are severely notorious for their non credits.

  • wawa

    Question: Do you guys often ride against traffic?

    I try to always ride with of course whenever it’s possible. Sometimes you cant help it. Drivers already hate us as it is.

  • Rui

    Its really a nice blend of Tetris and Frogger.

  • Not really that narrow, and he’s going the wrong way. There must be better NYC pics of that scenario somewhere. Signed — Hatin’ In L.A.

  • Grandma


  • jkelley

    the one thing I learned in NY during BFF this year, is there is no wrong way to ride traffic in NY. I think we went against traffic more then with it.

  • I believe it was originally on New York Daily Photo because the site is only original content as far as i know. but he does not respond to emails. not mine at least.

    this one has been reused many times,

  • MWA

    I just learned the wrong way ride on my recent trip to NY. That’s just not something we do here…very much. And yeah that’s not really that narrow. There’s got to be some tighter squeeze pics somewhere.

  • Really nice pic.

    Going wrong way may work in NY, but not a good idea AT ALL down here in Curitiba, Brazil. Go with the flow.

    Preferably FASTER.

  • John

    It’s evocative all right. I want some lox right now!

  • john

    normally, I’d say you never salmon. But, in the heat of the moment, it’s forgivable to salmon.

    what bothers me more about that pic than the salmoning, is salmoning in (what appears to be) dense traffic. if another cyclist/messenger was coming up the street and wanted to take the same opening, that could quickly ruin both their days…

  • pantsman

    Posted by john | July 29, 2010 7:18 PM,

    I agree. Its kind of dangerous. Perhaps another person on a bike speeding the right way might be in his path.

    Well..whatever. People will do what they want despite thinking of what might happen.

  • C.

    Tight squeeze? We barely even have a single street that wide in Philly.