Stunning Zunow Road Frame Jul 20, 2010

I never check the NYC boards when I’m traveling. In fact, I spend very little time on my computer when I’m not in NYC. Coming home to hundreds of posts can be overwhelming, so I usually just skip to the last page. That’s when I found this Zunow frame that was posted earlier. Wow. It’s my size too. Zunow bicycles were made in the 1980’s in Fukasaka, Sakai-shi, Osaka, Japan. They’re characterized by investment cast lugs and proprietary tubing, making these wishbone seatstay bicycles some of the sexiest in the world.

Check out a few more details below.

You can’t find a nicer bb shell on a bike, I guarantee it.

It’s not often that larger Zunow’s pop up. From the looks of the head tube, I’d say this one would fit me.

  • Paxton

    HEY! that’s my frame! glad you like it, soooooo sexy

  • Grandma

    Damn I wish I had this, wrecked my Zunow in an accident.

  • Scott

    Paxton, I thought that was your frame. Did you take the photos?

  • i have that exact same frame in 52cm TT, 49cm ST. the pics Prolly posted were ones I dug up actually. unfortunately the frame I have is too small for me and I’m looking to sell it. I’m open to offers.

    • song

      do u have that frame yet?

  • Chris

    I have a Zunow frame, a beautiful blue one exactly like the picture in the second photo on link below, the blue one at the very back of that photo:

    I’m looking to sell it, as don’t use it and want to replace with something I need.

    I’m trying to figure out valuation on this. Its got S 105 on it.

    Can someone contact me re some help with this?

    • Nay Lin Aung

      I am interested what u have mention.but first i want to check the image of Zunow frame.if u wish sent the image to my mail.
      [email protected]

  • Dan Lee

    Double darn it!
    I just bought one of these gorgeous frames on Ebay
    for $900 and discovered it’s 2 cm too big for me.
    I did not know about Centre to Centre. I thought it was all Centre to Top. Oops!
    Does anybody want to buy a nearly NOS 1980’s
    Zunow frame that is painted in Day glo orange,green and yellow?
    It’s centre to top 61cm or centre to centre 59cm
    Dan in Toronto
    ps it’s called a Z1

    • Nay Lin Aung

      I am interessted in what ur mention about Zunow frame.But i want to check the picture of it.if u wish sent the image to my mail [email protected]