Product Review: Pentabike Muststash Jul 5, 2010

Surely you remember this little clever product, first posted about on April 20th. Pentabike recently sent me one to test out and I gotta admit, this might be one of the coolest products out there for the cycling fans of organics.

Check out the full review below!

The Muststash fits snugly in your bar end, replacing one of your Velox plugs.

I leave a little gap to have something to pull on.

Once pulled out, the Muststash reveals its true use. Sure, it keeps you from taking a core sample of your stomach in the case of a crash, like all bar-ends do but this clever object will ease the pain of a tough climb.

Simply pop it off, open it up and pack…

I don’t need to spell it out for you right? This is the business end and there’s a little hole on the front of the bar end that lets you, well…

The Muststash is a crowd pleaser for sure. Everyone flipped their shit when I pulled it out yesterday. Pick one up here for $42 shipped. Machined in the USA and built to be put to heavy use!


  • reefer

    fuck yeah

  • Dunce

    “hey hey-ahy-eh-ahy, smoke weed e’ry day”


  • Nao / 3rrr

    Very cool! Salt & Pepper :)

  • i dont get it?

  • it’s because you’re edge dude.

  • now thats innovative design

  • marijuana, si!

  • blair

    i just got mine last week, and i agree — this thing is the business. i was at my local bar last thursday and i went over to my bike and pulled it out to use it and the doorman flipped the fuck out.

    i’d add that in use, it helps to lift the business end just a little bit up so the rubber ring creates a better airtight seal.

  • Maple

    Great idea love it… I’m getting one for the fixed and bmx… need my herbs

  • karl

    hell yeah, rolling stoned!