Linus Bikes in Venice Beach Jul 25, 2010

Want a classy and inexpensive way around town without the hassle of derailleurs? No, not in a fixed gear or track bike, in a cruiser. Linus Bikes have addressed that demand and like wildfire, their bikes are spreading from California all the way across the US. More and more shops have started to carry these affordible cruisers. While I was in Venice last week, I swung through the Linus shop and took a few photos.

Check out more photos below.

Say you’ve got a friend who just moved to your city and while they’re not sold on riding a fixed around but they don’t want to spend a ton of money on a city bike. If they can spare $389, then they can afford the Linus Roadster Classic.

Maybe they want to have the option of gears. While derailleurs are often banged up in lugging your bike up and down stairs, the Roadster Sport offers a 3-speed internal hub. It’s also outfitted with a rack and fenders for around $555.

Like any bike purchased from a local bike shop, the Linus bikes can be accessorized with a number of components. Lights, new saddles, bags, racks. You name it. While these might not be for you or me, I’m sure someone you know would be interested!

Call your local shop today and see if they’ve got them in stock. In NYC, Bicycle Habitat’s your spot, in Philly, try Bicycle Revolutions and in San Diego, call up Velo Cult. Carry Linus Bikes in your shop? Leave a note in the comments.

  • We got the whole line up at Superb in Boston. The 3 speed dutchi and mixte have been super hard to keep in stock. Super simple and lightweight they make a perfect city commuter!

  • nick

    maybe wheel & sprocket in wisconsin? i’m employed at the appleton store…

  • We stock those at Velo Cult too. Really rad to see European style city bikes back in the United States. I hope this brand continues to flourish.

  • JD

    Ride Brooklyn in Park Slope carries Linus bikes as well. Great bikes.

  • Thanks for the mention John. Getting our latest order in today, people have been calling for two weeks looking for them. And we have a dozen people on a waiting list, it’s bananas! Super nice clean simple bikes. Same reason people love fixed gears, just so simple.

  • Danny P

    These are dope bikes. Local San Antonio shop, Blue Star bikes, has a bunch!

  • I have the Linus Classic (from Adeline Adeline in Tribeca NYC) and I absolutely love it, although I will eventually replace the standard seat with something slightly more comfortable.

  • phili

    adeline adeline in tribeca stocks several models, and they appear to be well built with good components without a price tag that breaks the bank.

  • Linus Bikes in Santa Barbara @ WheelHouse Bikes.

  • EShar

    Linus in Denver at urbanistic tea and bike in Highlands (32nd and Lowell)

  • JP

    I really like how these bikes look. But I don’t like that the framesets are mainly high tensile steel. You get what you pay for. If they switch to full CrMo steel, that might get me more excited.