Chari & Co: Dr. Jay’s Storefront Rensho Jul 28, 2010

It’s a fair assessment to say that fashion got a lot of people into riding track bikes. That’s why a lot of shops like Chari & Co have been doing so well. They offer new-comers access to really high-end bicycles. Being in the LES, the shop caters to not only legit cyclists, but new-comers as well. Reaching out to a new (and untapped for the most part) demographic is a highly-successful business model. Case in point is this new storefront at one of the many Dr. Jay’s in Manhattan. Chari & Co supplied Dr. Jay’s with a beautiful 3Rensho. I wonder how many people will ask about purchasing it?

Smart sales tactic! Now wrap those bars!

  • t-bone

    The build needs a bit of cleaning up besides the bars. Particularly, the half link chain and cranks.

  • d.patrick1a

    oh man. i love chari. i never feel like im not good enough to be in there. they offer no attitude and they are really cool even if you are asking dumb questions. that has be my experience so far.

  • yes, please get those cranks and half link chain off there, ugh

  • All-City cranks on that bike do not work at all …

  • Damn, you guys are harsh. Fuck it, I’m going to the beach!