SE Bikes: We Steal Your Shit Jun 25, 2010

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Either credit photographers or fuck off and die. You’re a massive company using the work of smaller, unpaid people to promote your products. Get real or get the fuck out. I ain’t standing for this kind of behavior. Go back to BMX with that attitude.

  • gus

    shit. :/

  • If you dont want your photos used dont put them online. Now take our logo down.

  • Todd, are you implying that anything posted online is fair game? That is silly.

  • What infuriates me the most is that they’ve been doing this shit forever. It takes 0 effort to link someone’s photos. If you’re going to ‘support’ a scene, support it through and through.

    Todd, what you’re saying is fucking incomprehensible.

  • sam

    This is some bullshit. He’s not asking to be paid, he just wants credit for the photos he took. Is typing five extra words too much?

  • RJCrouch

    “If you dont want your photos used dont put them online. Now take our logo down.”

    According to what you’re saying Todd he doesn’t need to take it down … I say you credit the photographers and then maybe this should come down … maybe.


    Didnt someone send there thrasher in to se to be ripped off? your surprised?

  • prollys a homo

    ‘ Go back to BMX with that attitude. ” fuck outta here you corny ass goofball.. you fixie clowns sucked at skating, sucked at bmx, suck at graphic design or whatever the fuck you went to art school for. now you’re in your late 20s and finally find a hobby to sign onto. (based solely off bmx) move the fuck back to minnesota with your fellow yellow sock wearing doofus friends. fuck you. you’re all scared of bmxers and are afraid of conflict. you pussies aint built for this bike shit.

  • jimbo

    wait first people were trippin on volume for ripping off the bruiser and now SE for ripping off volume. when will everyone realize all tarck bikes will eventually be the same.

    on another note, it is not hard to give photographers credit. So do it

  • i like how they couldn’t credit me on my work, and when someone was nice enough to call them out on it they still don’t change the post, but instead add a comment as if it’s a hassle to mention they were my pictures:

  • poo

    they are all going to look like dirt jump bikes with no front suspension, so just start making that and then you are done. oh yea grime just did

  • david

    prollys a homo – have you met john? I have. In face, I met him the other day in NYC. Solid guy. I doubt you’d call him a pussy to his face and as for being built for this bike shit, that’s just gay.

  • Faul

    “If you dont want your photos used dont put them online. Now take our logo down.”

    Uhh. Fine.

    Using your logic.. Prolly WANTS the logo up there to be used around the community. If he’s posting online then that must mean that he wants the photo used, in this case, shared amongst the riders.

    So, he doesn’t need to take it down ;)

    Unless you at least put (credit to Prolly for the pictures). Took 10 extra keystrokes and it doesn’t hurt to copypasta the link to his blog.

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Photog. credit is a must. It’s just common courtesy, and if you appreciate the photo enough to use it then fucking give credit where credit is due! Otherwise they might as well claim it as their own, and shit like that just doesn’t fly. Second they had it right in the beginning, fuck a freewheel.

  • ‘prollys a homo’ is a homo

    nice going keyboard warrior, hiding behind your computer screen talking shit about someone else, real talk.
    se bikes… eat shit

  • It’s cool, I know who it is. #isityou?

  • TJ

    If that “take our logos down” post was REALLY from Todd Lyons, them I’m surprised and pissed off.

    I remember S.E. from Scott Breithaupt’s days & I doubt he would have sent such a corporate-cock-sucking reply on a public forum to a grass roots rider and photographer.

    You’re SUCH a big man…

    Online publication does not over-ride copyright. Uncredited reproduction does not come under “fair use”.

    Fuck off back to your Taiwanese, bean-counting masters.

  • i know i ride an se, and have been for the past 2-3 years, but this is unacceptable. all you have to do is say “via/from/scooped from *here*”- it’s not that hard.

    and to “prolly is a homo”: go fuck yourself. if you havent noticed, your poofball fucking attitude is exactly why you lack the fucking braincells to process anything beyond bmx. not only that, youre probably too mentally unstable to realize that bmx wouldn’t exist had this type of bike had been made. think about the shit you’re saying before you spew it out on the fucking internet especially on a fixed gear related blog (bet your bmx buddies think highly of you checking shit like this out huh). go do your fucking homework, and have a nice fucking day.


  • pedro bl

    I think some bmxers are douchebags causeits the manliness that comes with the territory lol but not everybody is sourpuss and riders know bmx is coming up and they just don’t want shit to blow up like skateboarding but if you wanna ride then ride its way better than freestyle fixed some of you even said it. As for being “built for this shit” I mean really anybody can ride all you need is practice to get body memory the rest is all testing your is lame. People that steal bikes should get fucked up, people who steal period should get fucked up.

  • props for calling SE out Prolly.

    SE, give credit where credit’s due(to Matt Lingo)

    the end

  • poo

    i want to hear more about how se stole the thrasher???

  • scissorneck

    we got your ip address its all good…..we’ll bust down your door just as you have your panties down to your toes to wack it to internet porn,,, oh ya and when you come back to minnesota your self to say hi to Ma, miss ”prollys a homo” I will be here to stick my yellow sock wearing foot up your ass..

  • Noahem

    This is a bunch of drama mama bullshit, pull it together boys.

    It’s good Mr. Prolly called it out, SE certainly owes credit to Mr. Lingo for using that awesome shot.
    It’s no harm to SE and it would do lots of good for the photographer.

  • (SE used my photos too)

  • prollys a homo

    LOL @ the IP comment.. I’m shaking in my boxers bout to nut off to the latest asa akira update. A bunch of 100 pound nerds are going to try and kick down my door and stomp me out in vulcanized shoes..

  • Dan

    to Poo, might as well buy a commencal max max rigid and toss a fixed hub on the rear. save some engineers a bunch of trouble.

  • Tim from Australia

    There is such a thing as copyright. Linking to a pic isn’t a crime. Using someone’s photo for advertising a product without their permission is.
    You’re in the most litigious country in the world. Go get some ambulance chaser, lawyer and sue their arse !

    I’ll be posting this page to the fixed community down under. I hope your professional reputation suffers SE. Bad karma heading your way! Well done Prolly.

  • Noah

    Hey “prollys a homo” first off post your real name pussy. But just letting you know im 15 and ride fixed freestyle, and live in Milwaukee Wisconsin (home of the bruiser), not in my late 20’s from minnesota you stereotypical fuck, and i picked up fixed freestyle as a result of getting tired of skateboarding and bmx because they became to mainstream. Also fixed freestyle is not based off bmx, it comes from a mix of freestyle mountain biking, a little bmx and track bikes, which by the way were one of the first bike designs ever and therefore the reason bmx ever came about. But i can see why you would think that since some of your fellow bmxers switchover to fixed and are helping the sport grow and tearing shit up while there at it while you are still being a no name bmx park rat getting in everybodys way and looking on fixed gear blogs where you dont belong! And for what you said about us being scared of bmxers and afraid of conflict…thats obviously not the case if you havent figured it out yet. You deserve some U-lock justice and a keo to the face from mosher. Oh, and guys give the photographer some fucking credit, we all know its not hard so just do it. And prolly is NOT homo if he was you would be looking at a homo blog…whos the homo now? BMXFGT!

  • so now im gunna get hated on on because of the pictures i found online that when i found them the hacd not photo cred? w\the pictures i do have from MATT LINGO are labeled from matt lingo i gunno whos been postin otherwise? but im not llookin forward to hate cuz of it …

  • the thing that gets me is that now SE is associating their own bullshit corporate nature with guys like gus who are fucking awesome. they are showing complete disrespect for a community thats been fairly self-sustaining up to this point.

  • Noir

    Okay, so you calling out SE for not crediting the photo was beyond fair and I completely agree, but the “go back to bmx with that attitude” was a bit out of line, c’mon.

  • BMX

    “Go back to BMX with that attitude”

    Stay out of BMX you fucking fruits.

  • jeremy

    if bmx is around because of fixed gears, then why do so many of you tarck bike riders use so many bmx parts? why don’t you just get a bmx bike if the only things that aren’t for a bmx bike are the frame fork and wheels? there’s clearly a pair of pegs and purpleanimal pedals on the guy’s bike in the link. you suck.

  • J

    One more nail in the coffin…

  • It’s a shame that SE uses photos to promote their new frame without crediting them. Instead of being glad to be featured on one of the most influential fixed gear related blogs, they rather steal photos from them for their own advertising. No good publicity. They hit the headlines, but in a negative way.

  • craig

    who even cares about SE? nobody in bmx anyway

    same way nobody cares about a picture of a bars on a track bike except for fixie rider gimps

  • VeLoL

    Every kid who can trackstand reads this blog. If you want to sell to this community, best not piss this community off. If SE wants to sell bikes, they will do what’s right.

    P.S. Does anyone know someone who actually bought a ripper? I have seen a few, but they were all either prototypes, or endorsements.

  • Marc

    Credit photos and don’t be an asshole, it’s simple and it’s two things that SE Bikes have failed at. They’ve already lost all of my business because they’re a company run by complete ignorant dicks who are just making freestyle bikes (if you can even call them that) because it’s a popular scene. Suck a dick SE.

  • Sometimes it’s real tricky to be genuine, original and creative… reputable.. Especially when so many other people have their own good ideas and then they put them on the wild wild west internet where everything is free!

  • Photo boycott on anything having to do with SE. Or just watermark a Giant dick over anything they want to use on their website??

  • alucard belmont

    -wouldn’t it be smarter if you put your logo all over the photos like when you get a copy of an original document?, then maybe if someone wants to use the photo they’ll have to ask you so you give out the original?

    and yeah Fuck SE, i can tell from Far away that everyone in the company gets paid in peanuts. there’s no logistics behind that company they Leech off other companies who succeed on their own or know what they’re doing.

    have some originality

  • Igor

    Todd, are you fucking kidding me with that comment? It’s really not hard to credit a photograph – I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • bork

    Don’t just bawww online about them stealing your shit.

    Register your shots with the US copyright office. Then send SE a C&D. If it’s ignored, send a DCMA notice-and-takedown to SE’s web hosting provider.

    You can even try sending SE an invoice for their use (though it’s more expensive than it’s worth to try to litigate).

    But in any case, if you want SE to take your shit down, just ask them, and if they say no (which apparently they are, based on the comment above, send a takedown notice and get their host to pull the plug.

  • chris

    copyright law on the internet is so mired in it’s relative youth…why can’t entities like “se” just “do the right thing” damn it? just give credit where credit is due. this credit will make THEM look GOOD. it will foster a needed symbiosis in the community and not do a thing to their bottom line but help it. if their stance on the matter really reflects “Toddity” above, those that really care about things like this will be influenced and make complimentary economic decisions that ultimately affect se because they’ll either not purchase or choose a competitor. i don’t understand why a company like that has to act like a bitch. you get more flys with sugar, instead their the snake eating their tail which equals dumb.

  • d

    Someone snapped a photo in NYC at a huge public gathering and then posted it online, another massive public gathering/forum. Bikes and rip offs aside, I would point out that some treating some auto focus picture from an slr you had the money to splurge on is some sort of high brow intellectual property. Secondly, if you truly felt this way, it would take two extra seconds to annotate your pics with your own credits, instead of whining when it occurs post fact.

  • Jawn Doe

    i got respect for you so im not gonna say this how “prolly is a homo” said it, but seriously man? go back to bmx with that attitude? what makes you think a scene that worked longer and harder to be established than fixed gear freestyle wants that shit
    in any case though, i can tell you se bikes aint getting any money from me, bmx or fixed

  • Jakob, it’s not the rider’s responsibilities to find the credit.

    Look, the “go back to bmx” comment was merited. BMX is a HUGE industry where people do shit like this all the time. The fixed scene is so small that most of us have met each other and hang out quite frequently.

    It’s still small and grassroots and that’s why shit like this bugs me. Just because BMX does it doesn’t mean it’s right!

  • Spencer

    Don’t steal bike pics bro.

  • MaximumMatt

    SE = GAY!!!!

    Jakob you and Gus need to find new hook ups.

  • J Michaels

    Some photo of a nobody, by a nobody, stolen by a bmx company nobody gives a shit about.

  • “Go back to BMX”? Trying to not lose respect for you Prolls. Credit should be given where credits due but I think that was exaggerated.

    I used to ride BMX and the the fixed gear scene is becoming that BMX scene. You know your scene is mainstream (or slowly becoming) when they sell a fixed gear bike at Walmart. Look at Grime’s new bike 26in specific. Whats next 24in so guys can go even bigger?

  • Fabian

    Personally, I think all these large bmx companies that don’t actually support the community should butt the fuck out. I just got rid of my volume TRASHer this weekend in NY. If they don’t support the scene, we shouldn’t be supporting them.

    Jakob and Gus shred on whatever they ride. I’m sure they’d tear it up on Grime bikes too ;) right mike….

  • Fabian

    Personally, I think all these large bmx companies that don’t actually support the community should butt the fuck out. I just got rid of my volume TRASHer this weekend in NY. If they don’t support the scene, we shouldn’t be supporting them.

    Jakob and Gus shred on whatever they ride. I’m sure they’d tear it up on Grime bikes too ;) right mike….

  • Barry

    As long as we are all trying to take things to a higher level, maturity/respect wise, can we cut it out with all this “gay/homo/faggot” as a generic pejorative bullshit.

    If you are still in the 7th grade, you’re excused. Everyone else, grow the fuck up.

  • “If you dont want your photos used dont put them online. Now take our logo down.” – todd lyons se bikes

    This is not how it works. When someone creates something, (i.e a photograph) they automatically have ownership and usage rights of the work, it is theirs, they own it. On the contrary, copyright infringement is when someone uses or recreates the original piece without the explicit permission of the owner.

    Here is a link to the US copyright office that will help clear up any questions you may have :

    Matt, ive been there before, it really sucks when companies use photographers work without giving the credit due. Sorry man, People seem to forget that a camera is how some people feed themselves.

  • chris

    sidenote: in ATL, was reading a blog where a guy was complaining about someone hijacking his pics. i checked out his pics (that he displays in a gallery in ATL). his pics are of graffiti. GRAFFITI!

    They’re great pics, but he’s taking photos of street art and bitching when others use his images online. i don’t know who is right/wrong i just know itsa crazy world.

    for se- if you’re capitalizing monetarily on an effort, the producer of said effort should be credited. how did yo mama not teach you that?

  • aj

    I’ve been saying this for awhile and i know others have echo’d my thoughts about large companies coming into this thing to exploit it. Feels like its sucking the fun out of it! This year at the BFF trick jam no one was smiling and the comp way to serious. Seems like everything these days is about profit margins & one up-ing each other all at the expensive of fun.

    BMX got raped in the late 80’s by big companies that didn’t give a shit about the scene and ultimately abandoned it in the 90’s. I don’t foresee A fixed-gear Matt Hoffman coming to save the sport so how bout we support companies like all-city and milwaukee who actually are involved and care where this whole thing is going.

    sweathogs b.c. – do more backwards circles

  • blair

    scott breithaupt would never stand for this shit.

  • Smitty

    Volume doesn’t support the scene? They were one of the first Legit BMX companies to put their egos aside and make fixed gear bikes, not because they thought it would make financial sense, but because they like to ride fixed gear bikes.
    Sucks what SE did, but I don’t think there was any intended malice. That is until Todd made his comment
    I would leave Gus and Jakob out of this argument since it’s not their fault.

  • So I just got off the phone with Bryan from Bicycle Revolutions in Philly. He just told me about this post & I have now read through it for the FIRST TIME. The “Todd” in post #2 or any other is not me, the Brand Manager of SE Bikes. A lot of you guys are getting worked up by something I never said.

    I get photos sent to me through e-mail on a daily basis. I also get photos (BMX & Fixed) from our riders Facebook pages. I don’t typically hunt down the photographer info. And for that I am at fault. But in the future I will take a different approach & give credit where credit is due.

    And regarding Lingo’s pics, I plan to work with him directly & hire him to shoot some original photos of our bad ass riders.

    All good. No need to hate.


  • ” I would point out that some treating some auto focus picture from an slr you had the money to splurge on is some sort of high brow intellectual property. Secondly, if you truly felt this way, it would take two extra seconds to annotate your pics with your own credits, instead of whining when it occurs post fact.”

    I didn’t know how John shot the picture or what he shot it with had anything to do with how it effects copy right law. Last time I checked he could shoot it with his cell phone and it would still be the same sort of “high brow intellectual property.”

    As far as water marking goes, if you take a good look around the internet it’s not something anyone who takes this seriously does. It’s seen as a great way to ruin your photos with a unnecessary distracting mark. If someone’s going to steal your photo, then they’re going to remove your watermark. You’d be surprised how easy it is to do.

    Usually the kind of people who are looking to use your photography to promote their product want to credit photographers or contact photographers about their images because they adhere to that kind of professionalism.

    I really doubt that this is completely SE’s fault and Todd Lyons himself is the one to blame, more likely whoever runs their wordpress blog hasn’t done this sort of thing before and doesn’t understand the importance of crediting other people’s works.

  • I didn’t take all the photos. Just the bottom two. Josh Diaz took the photo of Jakob 180′ing the pallets and I have no idea who took the Verizon building pics.

    Regarding my SLR, I shoot manual most the time and it’s the lowest end SLR I could afford. I work my ass off for everything I have, including honing my talents, don’t tell me how to do my thing.

    Thanks for the support Matt and Fuzzy, thanks for calling someone at SE. Todd,thanks for clarifying.

  • Faul

    Problem solved guise. Todd put a reference to the blog on the SE post.


  • Jeffrey

    Thanks for posting this John. We compete with another shop that sells SE crap and are more than happy to see you post something like this. I couldn’t agree more with what you said.

  • lockling

    stop the hipster on hipster hate. the last thing we need is this fixie scene to go to sh!t.

    but in all seriousness, todd lyons is a stand up guy and admitted to his fault. i’m pretty sure he learned his lesson and the etiquette of blogging.

    prolly, although this was a amateur move on SE, i think a email to todd would have sufficed IMO. If anything you gave 10,000 viewers a reason to hate SE for the next few days.

  • Hey Todd, Philadelphia here, thanks for exploiting our riding spot and coming out with a worthless new crank named after the place we treat as our home.

    If you so down with us, why have we never seen you at Water Street ?

  • Closing the comments before it turns into a bigger shitshow.