Exclusive Look: Brooklyn Machine Work’s 8-Speed City Launchpad Jun 11, 2010

I got an email from Joe at Brooklyn Machine Works ( @BrooklynMachine ) last week telling me about a new project bike the team was working on. All he said was something to the effect of “we just built up a new townie bike, come check it out”. Ambiguity is Joe’s forte and luckily for me, since Iive around the corner from the shop, I swung through to check out this “townie”.

Check out some more photos below.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This just looks like a Launchpad. It’s true. It does. Still the same ol’ made in Brooklyn craft with the BMW detailing that everyone’s got a soft spot for but there are a few surprises in this particular build.

By now, chance are you’ve noticed the shifter on the handlebars.

… and that new cleave in the seat tube.

But there’s a fender mount hidden on the seat tube.

The rear is spaced at 135mm to accept an 8-speed internally-geared hub. Combined with the rapid fire shifting, this bike is the perfect city bike. There are even rack mounts on the dropouts. It’s got attitude!

Cleaving the seat tube lets you slam your wheel.

Some of those BMW-bred details.

Like gussets.

This particular build uses one of BMW’s new fastback clamping stems.

Like the bike, it too is made here in Brooklyn.

Sure, this isn’t a rando or a touring bike. It’s BMW’s version of a city bike. Built to take a beating and ready for a quick ride around town. Even with the freewheel, this bike’s a slightly more masculine response to the ever-increasing demand for a zippy, yet sexy townie. The frames are ready for purchase and the guys will build them to your taste. Maybe some dirt drops and barcons? They’ll do anything you want!

Hit them up to inquire about purchasing one!

16 responses to “Exclusive Look: Brooklyn Machine Work’s 8-Speed City Launchpad”

  1. Craig says:

    Niiice bike, but I’m really liking that stem. Super super clean design.

  2. Harry says:

    I want one!

  3. nicholas says:

    im really feeling this one.. it probably would of been overkill but disc brakes would of been a cool/fun touch

  4. jkelley says:

    This looks like the perfect platform for my trick basket bike.

  5. Ahab says:

    Someone’s been reading my mind.

  6. Edward Scoble says:

    Brilliant, that’s defintely the idea city bike.

    Surely the cleave on the seat tube allowed more room to install a mudguard rather than ‘slamming’ the tyres as close to the seat tube as possible?

  7. Yusuf says:

    Is there a price anywhere? Emails keep pinging back. It looks like it would be the perfect city bike (with shorter bars).

  8. VM says:

    Riiiight. Now try actually installing a fender with those tires, clearances and brakes. Also there seems to be no fender eyelets on the fork. That stem is cool though, looks a bit like Deity’s Fantom.

  9. prolly says:

    If you wanna run fenders, you set the bike up slightly differently, just like with any bike. You obviously can’t slam the wheel…

  10. nick says:

    can’t seem to get in contact with booklyn, (emails bouncing and they’ve been unresponsive on twitter so far). anyone got a different email address I can try. this is exactly what i’ve been looking for.

  11. ken says:

    shoot me an email and I’ll get it taken care of. Thanks for the interest.

  12. nick says:

    Ken I would send you an email but you didn’t include it in your message. Get at me: mosskoatgmaildotcom.


  13. austin says:

    this is so perfect. anyone know what the S3X hub is spaced at?

    I’m thinking bombproof fixed three speed with fenders and racks!

  14. Matt-Hewitt says:

    city bike with out full wrap fenders? meh.

  15. Morpheous says:

    No disc brake on the front? and it needs fenders for sure.